Artist - photographer based in Berlin:

intro expliquant mes deux activités. 

artiste: realisation d'un travail personnel qui au travers dif series aborde des sujet comme crowds emptiness et time. 

photographie commerciale de studio. disposant de mon propre studio je me suis specialisé dans la photgraphie d'objetsavec un interet particulier pour le monde de design et de tout ce aui comporte des matieres transparentes brillantes. ...


Feel free to contact me blabla... 




Noise I & Noise II: These series investigate the impact that the incessant flow of information has on our way of thinking and our way of seeing the world. Are we still able to step back from the noise it generates and to assimilate it into our lives? In the works, pages torn from magazines and fragments from TV news are condensed into one single image which destroys details. Blurred image remains, of which only the most frequently repeated messages are readable.
Flesh: Pornography is still taboo in this day and age, and therefore can seem anecdotal, rather than a real part of our lives. Even though never talked about, it is one of the biggest traffic generators on the internet: c. 30% of all data exchanged. In this series, porn’s clandestine character comes to the fore. Virtual, not real: the pixels are everywhere. Separated by the computer screen, does the viewer even realize he is a customer of modern prostitution?


Mass Culture: What is the space left to the individuals in our societies? Are modern cities the result of a standardized, international culture of star architects, planners and marketers? The design of buildings, products and services offered seem to be excessively standardized - resulting in cities where the individual gets swallowed up by the crowd. What about places of worship, touristic places and entairtenment? This series is a comment on space, both physical and mental. It is an invitation to reflect on what we call progress and modern life.